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Founder Derrick Senior describing one of his new secondary machines to his son Derrick.

A History of Precision 

Over 60 years ago, our founder Derrick Perkins Sr. traveled to America in search of new opportunities. With his unique talent for engineering design, he started up his own machine shop in Massachusetts and was incorporated in 1957.  Dedicated to his passion, he has provided service to many long-term, loyal customers over the years. Since then, Liberty Turned Components has expanded while remaining true to Derrick Perkins Sr.'s unmatched zeal for precision engineering. 

A Continued Passion

A family owned business for three generations, LTC continues to produce ultra-high quality components for a variety of industries. The company has since opened a second facility in Michigan, expanding our production capabilities to meet the growing demand for high volume machined parts. Liberty Turned has never been a stranger to innovation; our team of engineers meticulously work to create the most effective machining processes for our customer’s products. Having made units for NASA’s space shuttle program, as well as the demanding ammunition and automotive industries, we can safely say, “When quality counts, you can depend on Liberty Turned Components”. 

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