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Brass Barstock

Our Capabilities 

Unique abilities to fulfill your needs 

Liberty Turned Components is fully prepared to produce the screw machine products you need, utilizing our large selection of machining capabilities. Here are just a few of the common operations we can perform. 



Cross-drilling Slotting

Polygon milling Thread milling Thread chasing 


Thread Rolling 


60,000 RPM Drilling


Before shipment, parts are washed and inspected to ensure the best quality products possible. We use the machines highlighted below to maximize the number of services we can provide. 

Multi Spindle Lathe

Multispindle Automatic Lathes 

Our  “State of the Art” European Mutli-spindle lathes out perform standard lathes in every respect. Our lathes typically are producing components 24 hours a day at efficiency rates of 90% or better.

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Custom Secondary Machine


One of our most unique capabilities is our experience of producing our own secondary machines. These machines perform milling, drilling, ramping, broaching, and marking on already turned blanks. This philosophy allows Multi-spindle lathes to produce the component in its simplest form in order to maximize output.Then we design and build a low cost secondary machines to complete the part.

Brass Barstock

Deburring and Material Handling

We utilize Rotofinish Vibratory finishing machines, Barrel Type deburrers, Guyson Air Blasting deburrers with “Brass Blasting” capabilities, and state of the art part cleaning machines to ensure our products are shipped with nothing less than a superb fit and finish. 

Row of multi spindle lathes in NH facility

CNC "Swiss Style" Machines

Our CNC lathes are very versatile and designed for quick set-up. They are capable of holding micron tolerances throughout a production run.  Components that have a long length to diameter ratio are ideal for sliding Headstock machines.  All of our CNC lathes are equipped with Iemca auto-bar loaders for untended operations.  Our CNC machines are also equipped with high-pressure pumps for extending tool life in difficult materials.

Rotary Transfer Machine

Rotary Transfer Machines

Using our Multi-spindle station rotary transfer machines, we can complete complex components from bar stock; or we can chuck previously turned blanks.  Our ability to spread the work over twenty four stations, results in high reliability, accuracy, and very short cycle times.

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